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Over the River and Through the Woods Director Announced

During the October meeting of the board of directors of the Masquers named the director of Over the River and Through the Woods, the second show of our 92nd season.

J. Gravelle applied for and received the nod from the board following their review of his application. J. has been quite active with the Masquers in recent years and finally decided to dip his toe into the director's pool, and we're glad he did.

It is a special day when we get to encourage new talent in any facet of theatre but it is especially fun to work with an aspiring director. Helping J. in this effort will be Luan Leonardelli who will serve as producer for the show. Together they are assembling a top notch team to bring this show to the "Masquers Stage" at the Capitol Civic Centre.

The journey begins with open auditions in late November. For more information on auditions please see the news story elsewhere on this page.

Meet the cast of A Christmas Story

The Masquers, Inc. Community Theater Company, is excited to announce the cast of A Christmas Story, the first show of our 92nd season.

Following several days of open auditions the cast has been selected and director Ellen Peronto has begun the rehearsal process in preparation for opening night in November.

Meet the cast of A Christmas Story!

Ralph (Narrator) - Warren Schmidt
Mother - Heather Love
The Old Man - Christian Love
Ralphie Parker - Tyler Love
Randy - Evan Thiele
Flick - Andi Gallagher
Schwartz - Maksim Lara

Scut Farkas - Andrew Thiele
Esther Jane Alberry - Brooklyn Hevert
Helen Weathers - Teegan Seefeldt
Miss Shields - Elizabeth Plotka-Heinen
Santa Claus - Terry York
Mrs. Schwartz - Chris Jenswold

Cowboy / Delivery Man / Tree Lot Owner / Voice of Neighbor - T. J. Monroe

Kayla Brawner, Luella Monroe, Ronin Ordiway, Susan Quinn-Mrotek, Bekah Wiesner

For more information on A Christmas Story follow the link below.

A Christmas Story Home Page

Open Auditions for Over the River and Through the Woods Announced

The Masquers, Inc. Community Theater Company, is excited to announce open auditions for the second production of our 92nd season: Over the River and Through The Woods, a warm-hearted, boisterously funny, and touching story about intergenerational relationships, deep familial love, and the inevitable little heartbreaks that occur as time passes and children grow.

Nick, a young marketing professional, enjoys lunch-- well, HAS lunch, every Sunday, with his Italian-American grandparents: Frank and Aida (his Mom’s folks) and Nunzio and Emma, his paternal ancestors.

The elders dote on (some might say “smother”) Nick with love, since the rest of their children and grandchildren have moved away to the far corners of the country. But now, career prospects are tempting young Nicolas to leave the nest too, prompting his grandparents to concoct a scheme to convince him to stay.

Any good snare needs bait, and that’s where Caitlin, the enticing niece of Emma’s canasta partner, comes in!

Auditions will be held at The Masquers Coach House 616 North 8th Street, Manitowoc, on Monday, November 28th, beginning at 6:45 p.m., sharp.

We are looking for 3 male and 3 female actors for this show. The characters of Nick and Caitlin will be late-twenties, early thirty-somethings, and the grandparents are scripted as being well into their late 70s and early eighties. We’ll be casting as age-appropriately as possible, though we encourage everybody to audition.

All participants should arrive with a completed audition form with headshot, a calendar of potential rehearsal scheduling conflicts, and the monologues provided on the Masquers website. With the exception of Caitlin, parts require New York dialects as outlined in the audition materials. (audition forms and audition materials are available by clicking the link below).

Please arrive early, be ready to start on time, and plan to stay for the entire session.

A preliminary read-through rehearsal will occur in December. A recording will be made and provided to the entire cast to facilitate their rehearsal. The script is relatively short, making it easier to learn than most productions. The earlier we’re all off-book, the better. Rehearsals will begin after the first of the New Year.

Performance dates are March 9, 10, 11. 2023 at the Capitol Civic Centre, Manitowoc, WI. Should you be unable to attend the group audition please email director J. Gravelle at to schedule an alternate audition. All other inquiries may be directed to The Masquers, Inc. at

Get Audition Form Get Audition Materials

Announcing Our 91st Season

The Masquers has been around since the first Community Chest fundraising event in 1931 when a few friends got together to put on a show. What set them apart from other performers that night is that they kept putting on shows every year since.

The Masquers seasons consisted of two to four shows every year making them one of the oldest continuously operating community theater groups in the state.  "The show must go on" seemed to be the motto for the group as they continued to present a slate of shows each season; even during WW II.

The last few seasons we found ourselves in the middle of a pandemic which shortened our 89th season and caused us to rethink our 90th season. Not willing to give up without a fight, the Masquers resolved to "put on a show" even if it meant doing so on our own front lawn! And so, we continued our tradition and presented two shows in that 90th season even though we were forced to find alternative venues for each show.

Now that we are back to the Capitol Civic Centre on "The Masquers Stage" for the second season in a row we are proud to present our 92nd Anniversary Season.

A Christmas Story Our first selection of the year is A Christmas Story a Holiday Classic that we first produced in November 2011.

Based on the movie of the same name, A Christmas Story will take you back to your youth as you watch Ralphie work tirelessly to acheive his goal of getting an official Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. You'll find all your beloved characters from the movie including little brother Randy, Mother, the Old Man, and even Scut Farkas.

This show will be presented November 10-12, at the Capitol Civic Centre.

Over the River and Through the Woods Our second show this season will be the comedy Over the River and Through the Woods.

Written by Joe DiPietro, this story is about Nick, who visits his Itallian American grandparents from both sides of the family every Sunday for dinner. He tells them he is moving away to take a dream job, but the news doesn't sit well. They begin to devise ways to make him stay. Need we say more?

Joe DiPietro was also the author of I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, a very successful show which the Masquers staged in 2013. We're looking for similar results with this show.

Over the River and Through the Woods will be performed March 9-11, at the Capital Civic Centre.

City of Angels The final show of the year won six Tony Awards including Best Musical. It ran for 879 performances on Broadway but we have only three shows with which to impress you.

With wit, humor, and a fantastic Cy Coleman score, City of Angels captures the snappy dialogue of a Raymond Chandler novel and the glitzy showmanship of classic Hollywood; the result is a crowd-pleasing musical unlike any other.

City of Angles will be performed May 11-13, and the Capitol Civic Centre.