The Producers - Accountant Desks

$25.00 each

Accountant DeskA big Broadway song and dance number that includes accountants moving gracefully about the stage in their desks?  Well, a complete set of desks with adding machines attached that are designed to attach to rolling desk chairs is just the ticket.

These desks, seven in all, come complete with wheels and adding machines.  You have to supply the desk chairs, however.  These are the perfect set piece to make this scene a real show stopper.

The Producers - File Cabinets

$50.00 each

Pigeon Coop For concealing the show dancers nothing beats a well designed file cabinet. The cabinets come complete with retractable wheels that can be controlled by the dancers when they're inside. Wheels automatically re-engage when the cabinet is empty. We have six file cabinets available.

Please see the specifications and additional views below for more information.

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Here are some additional images of the Accountant Desks and File Cabinets from our May 2013 production of The Producers.

The desks and file cabinets are available separately or as a set.

  1. Desks are - 2' wide, 30" tall, 2' deep.
  2. File Cabinets are 24" wide, 24" deep Á 6'6" tall.
  3. File Cabinets have full height hinged doors.
  4. Cost of shipping is not included in price.