It's A Wonderful Life Sex Please We're Sixty Mary Poppins

2018-2019 Season

sampleYou bet we're excited about this season...

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sampleThe Masquers depends on the generous support of local corporations, businesses and people like you.  Learn how you can help us continue to stage some of the best theatrical shows on the lakeshore, and preserve the Oldest Continuing Community Theater Group in the state for generations to come.

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sampleCheck out our pre-season ticket campaign.  Become a Ticket Sponsor and get first choice on seating for all of our shows.  Or, get season tickets and save 20%.  Pre-season ticket sales run from July through the end of September, and include seating choice before general ticket sales begin in October.

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The Masquers Celebrates 88 Seasons

Beginning in 1987 we became one of the charter Arts Partners for the newly renovated Capitol Civic Centre in downtown Manitowoc and have called this beautiful theatre our home performance venue for over 30 years.

The Masquers, Inc. has been a leader in the Manitowoc arts community since 1931. A non-profit organization, we lay claim to the title of one of Wisconsin's Oldest Community Theater Groups. Throughout our history we have produced at least two shows every season for the last 87 years. Our latest offering includes It's a Wonderful Life, Sex Please We're Sixty, and Mary Poppins.

In 1944 The Masquers purchased the original coach house for the Rahr Mansion, now the Rahr-West Museum. The Coach House has been our home for auditions, rehearsals, costumes, set pieces and club meetings ever since. Beginning 1987 we became one of the charter Arts Partners for the newly renovated Capitol Civic Centre in downtown Manitowoc and have called this beautiful theatre our home performance venue for over 30 years.

It's A Wonderful Life Huge Success!

The first show of the Masquers 88th season came off beautifully.  It was attended by large audiences signalling their appreciation of our choice of a holiday themed show.  Or, maybe it's just that the movie is well loved by all.  Either way, it has started off this season with a bang.

If you missed the show we are terribly sorry.  We would suggest you learn from this "terrible" error and purchase your tickets for the remaining two shows of the season, Sex Please We're Sixty, and Mary Poppins, because it's clear you won't want to miss either one.

For more information of both of these shows follow the link below.

Season Details

The Masquers Annouces Open Auditions

88th SeasonThe Masquers is pleased to announce open auditons for the second show of our 88th season - Sex Please We're Sixty.

Auditions have been set for December 4th at the Masquers Coach House according to director Tim Brey.  Time stated that one night of auditions should be adequate for this show, and that he will hold call-backs on Wednesday the 5th if necessary.

For more information on the open audition for Sex Please We're Sixty please follow the link below.

Stay Connected with The Masquers!

The Masquers, Inc. is growing our online presence! We hope to keep our audiences and those who are interested in learning more about our organization by staying updated in social media! Follow The Masquers on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all of the Masquers chatter. Don't miss a single post!

NEW FOR US - For the first time, The Masquers Instagram was "taken over" by Allison Slowiak, who played Gloria in Wait Until Dark! This Instagram Takeover featured Allison as she gave followers exclusive access backstage at the beautiful Capitol Civic Centre in Downtown Manitowoc! This one day only event took place on Wednesday, November 8th, 2017.

Watch for more social media opportunities in the future.

Student Scholarship Program

Each year the Masquers Scholarship Committee encourages students who are pursuing a degree in the performing arts to apply for the Bill & Hellen Plumb, Lenora Sheahan Memorial Scholarship Award. One or more scholarships are awarded each year to those applicants who are judged by the committee to be deserving of this award.

Download a scholarship application today to be considered this year's Bill & Helen Plumb, Lenora Sheehan Memorial Scholarship Award.

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